EP (Unknown Title)

Tracks: 6, total time: 21:26, year: 2007, genre: Folk-Rock

Promo EP by Schuyler Fisk, purchased direct from
her on a club tour in April 2007. Schuyler is the
daughter of the great American actress Sissy Spacek
and production designer Jack Fisk. Schuyler Fisk is
also a fine actress in her own right,her best known
role being in Orange County with Jack Black and
Colin Hanks.

S/N Time Song Title
1. 3:56 Songs That Say Goodbye
2. 3:34 The Good Stuff
3. 3:54 Long Walk Home
4. 3:11 Lonely Again
5. 3:23 From Where I’m Standing
6. 3:27 Lying To You