For You, Stranger

Tracks: 14, total time: 42:24, year: 2008, genre: Post-rock Performance Art

All songs written and performed by Diane Marie Kloba (BMI)
Diane Marie Kloba: Guitars, flute, drums, percussion and vocals.

S/N Time Song Title
1. 3:28 For a Stranger
Fan-Cee: Drums, Percussion, Organ and Vocal
Darlene Wentland-Wiktor: Vocal
Kevin Wik: Vocal
2. 3:03 Hello, World
Ted Kloba: Bass
Kevin Wik: Drums & Percussion
3. 3:07 Brave
Darlene: Vocal
Kevin: Drums
4. 2:56 Skurf
Fan-Cee: Percussion
Ted: Bass
5. 3:00 Sharks
Fan-Cee: Percussion
Darlene: Percussion
6. 2:25 Dirigible
Darlene: Vocals
Kevin: Drums
7. 1:41 For Inventors
Kevin: Drums
8. 3:08 Keepable (Drum Experiment)
Fan-Cee: Drums & Percussion
9. 2:55 Happy Poerty
10. 3:27 Owed to John Zamorski
Kevin: Drums & Percussion
11. 3:25 Unified World
Ted: Bass
12. 2:56 Always In This World
Fan-Cee: Percussion
Darlene: Vocals and Percussion
13. 3:28 Backwards D
Fan-Cee: Percussion
Ted: Bass, Cümbüs, Kalimba and Percussion
14. 3:30 I Don’t Know Your Name
Ted: Drums