The Best of the Scottish Dance Bands

Tracks: 23, total time: 67:28, year: 2001, genre: Folk-Scottish

YEAR: 2001 ID3G: 3

S/N Time Song Title
1. 4:22 Jimmy Shand & His Band/Linton Ploughman Jig (Muckin’ O’Geordie’s Byre,Ladie Nellie Wemyss,Braidley’s House,Major Mackie)
2. 2:56 Jimmy Shand & His Band/Killarney Waltz (My Wild Irish Rose,Rosie O’Grady,That’s An Irish Lullaby)
3. 3:00 Ian Holmes & His Band/March Selection (O Donnel Abu,Dawning OfThe Day,Who Fears To Speak Of The ’98,Kelly The Boy From Killane)
4. 1:45 Ian Holmes & His Band/Longwise Eightsome Reel (Mr Wm Davidson,Rhona’s Reel)
5. 3:21 Jim Johnstone & His Band/Teviot Brig’ Jig (Teviot Brig,Drummond Castle,Jennie’s Blue E’en,The Steamboat)
6. 2:20 Jim Johnstone & His Band/West’s Awake Hornpipe (Robertson’s Hornpipe)
7. 2:27 Jim MacLeod & His Band/In Reel Time (Willie The Woodcutter,TomClement’s Reel,Trumpet Hornpipe)
8. 3:23 Jim MacLeod & His Band/Scottish Waltz (Lassie Wi’ The Yellow Coatie,My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose,Always Argyll)
9. 5:36 The Glenlomond Scottish Band/Middleton Medley (Tarholm Brig’,Craighall,Lady Carmichael,The Auld Inn,Fill Your Glasses,LivelyTim)
10. 2:45 The Wick Scottish Dance Band/Scottish Waltz Selection (Back ToBonnie Scotland,Loch Lomond,The Auld Hoose)
11. 2:31 The Wick Scottish Dance Band/Marches (HRH Princess Alexandra’s Welcome To Wick,Sweet Maid Of Mull)
12. 2:29 Jimmy Shand & His Band/Bluebell Polka
13. 2:18 Jimmy Shand & His Band/The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen
14. 2:53 Max Houliston & His Scottish Band/Para Handy
15. 2:10 Max Houliston & His Scottish Band/(Original Tune,Miss Ada Crawford,Cutty’s Wedding)
16. 4:25 Jimmy Shand Jnr And His Band/Strip The Willow (Strip The Willow,Peggy’s Wedding,Drummond Castle)
17. 1:54 Jimmy Shand & His Band/Gay Gordons (The Hiking Song)
18. 2:29 Jim MacLeod & His Band/Military Two-Step (Calendonian Two-Step)
19. 2:31 Jim MacLeod & His Band/Reel Selection (Hebridean Milking Song,Miss Elizabeth Purcell’s Favourite,Kemnay House)
20. 2:11 Jim Johnstone & His Band/The Bonnie Lass O’Bon Accord
21. 2:58 Jim Johnstone & His Band/Castles In The Air
22. 3:24 The Glenlomond Scottish Band/Circle Waltz (Queen Mary Queen Mary,If You Will Marry Me,Katie Bairdier,My Wee Lad’s A Sojer)
23. 3:26 The Glenlomond Scottish Band/Earl Of Errol’s Reel (What’ll BeKing But Charlie,Stool Of Repentance)