V2CD26 – Mahamudra for the Modern World

Tracks: 9, total time: 61:59, year: 2012, genre: Course

S/N Time Song Title
1. 0:44 Introduction – The Pure Energy of the Moving Mind
2. 7:40 Considering the range of experiences that make up the moving mind
3. 7:55 There is no possibility of escaping mental occurrence
4. 8:54 The underlying life force of the moving mind is pure
5. 4:23 How the kleshas (sticky thoughts) operate as driving force
6. 8:40 The five primary kleshas
7. 6:39 The kleshas as primitive survival mechanisms formed early life
8. 5:13 Dismantling the kleshas through heightening the intensity of our experience of them
9. 11:51 Eating the poison – the Vajrayana approach to working with thekleshas